Consorzio PDA is officially part of Groupauto Italia Holding

On November 7th, 2019, Groupauto Italia Holding has announced that the activity with the new associate PDA – Consorzio Progetto Distribuzione Automotive has been perfected. The aggregation project of the holding, strongly wanted by Groupauto Italia  is shaping up. Groupauto Italia Holding was born with the aim of bringing together the best operators in the IAM market and to share new collaboration strategies. Consorzio PDA is an important entity in the automotive aftermarket, it has 35 affiliated companies all over Italy, guaranteeing a complete national coverage and a strong technical organization, which ensures maximum speed in distribution and efficient commercial support. Groupauto Italia Holding, currently composed by Groupauto Italia and PDA, is a member of Groupauto International, one of the most important world players in the automotive field. This organization represents a great opportunity for the aftermarket operators, ready to act in an international context. Groupauto Italia Holding with its members aims to develop synergistic and competitive economic distribution models, to distinguish itself for the size and quality of the services offered, to be an important commercial reference for both domestic and international suppliers, which will support the entire supply chain.